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How does bail work?

It’s often one of the first things that people ask for when they are arrested, and one of the first decisions a judge makes on a case; if, and how much, to set bail for. But how does bail work, how is it paid, and what does it actually do for a person?

bail bond company Beaver County PA

Well, the bail money is a financial guarantee that you will show up for your court date. You pay a set amount of money to be released from custody, on the promise that you will be brought back for your day in court. This money can either be paid by you or by a bail bond company Beaver County PA Once you appear in court, the money will be returned to you, and if you decide to not appear then the bail money will be forfeited.

Most courts have bail hearings, where you are granted bail and given an amount of money to pay for your release. If you haven’t had a prior criminal record, aren’t considered a danger to others, and are not considered a flight risk, then you have a good shot at making bail. However, if you’ve been in police custody before, have committed a serious crime, or are considered a flight risk, you may not get bail.

Once you get your bail amount and agree to abide by any restrictions the court sets on you, the bail must be paid to the court. Once it is paid, the court will release you, with the promise that you will return for your court date. When you return, the money will be returned and you will have your day in court.

Posting bail and having to go through the booking process of being arrested can be a scary nightmare for most people, but it’s important to remain calm and get the money you need. Then you can post bail and get to a more comfortable location to prepare for the trial.